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Corrective Brain Training for All Ages

At Advanced Neurotherapy, we get to the root of the problem: the brain! We are able to safely and effectively help people of all ages with many symptoms and disorders, including: ADHD, anxiety, executive function struggles, and more!


“When I was 14-years old, shortly after I tried out for the Junior Olympics in downhill skiing, I noticed a twitch in my left arm. The seizures accelerated and became uncontrollable, despite excellent medical attention, including surgery.” 

“My treatment at Advanced Neurotherapy, when I was 24, stabilized my condition for the first time in ten years, allowing me to read for a few hours at a time, walk without falling, and make plans for my wedding.” 

David*, young adult, came to Advanced Neurotherapy post surgery for a seizure disorder, which left him with reduced functioning on his left side and continued seizure episodes.

“In many respects, parenting is getting easier. There is a loss of tension in her face. She is more relaxed and that’s a nice thing to see. She is so much better in the social world.”

“I do not think this is the Concerta. Concerta helps you attend to cues but I don’t think it has much impact on emotional volatility. The other day a friend of hers was practicing karate kicks and aimed a karate kick at her tummy and she connected. In months past, Allyson would have gotten up screaming, arms across the chest and screamed, ‘You did that on purpose!’ This time she got up. The girl said, ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’ The girl took her to the teacher and told the teacher what happened about her tummy hurting. Six months ago she would have had a tantrum and not been able to function in a learning environment for the rest of the day. She is much better at letting go of the little insults that happen every day. We had gone to the pool. A boy was swimming and she swam over to him trying to engage him in swimming with her. He wasn’t interested. In the past she would have been obnoxious to get his attention. Instead some other girls came over and they ended up doing the swimming in circles thing. She is much more attentive and responsive to the social universe.” 

Mother of first grader with ADHD

“I came in for neurofeedback because I’ve struggled with anxiety for over 2 and half years now. I would get panic attacks at random and had difficulty sleeping at night because my anxiety would keep me up. Neurofeedback has truly helped me to calm down and stop feeling stressed all the time. I’ve seen considerable improvements in my daily lifestyle and even my friends and family have commented on how I’ve changed.”

“I tried everything from therapists, doctors, and even sleep medications, but the truth is neurofeedback has been the only thing to really help me conquer my anxiety! Thanks!”

Ron*, adult, anxiety disorder